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Join us, O Brethren of the Lonely Heart!

Welcome, all you victims of love! LoveIdiots, Unlimited is a small orginization based upon everyone's misery. No, actually, it's a little group which my friend and I started to help those who suffer from inrequieted love. Since we ourselves are victims of this horrible phenomenon, we decided that it was time to do something about it. You can access both of our pages here. We are hopefully going to start a newsletter to anybody who'd like to sign-up. E-mail one of us, LittleWonder or Stompbox. if you're interested in the catharsis. There's no need to spill any horrible or painful details; just anything you'd like to say. A guestbook will be added, so we can post questions, comments, stories, etc. We can commiserate (or celebrate.. it's up to you). PLEASE let one of us know if you're interested. And no, it's not some cheeky girly gushy thing. LittleWonder's a girl, Stompbox is a guy. All is even. Hope to hear from you!

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