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Thank you for taking the time to come here. I know, I know...I'm just SO fascinating!

Hello again.

Just to expand on the rest of my page, I have decided to add a page here with
information about myself. 
I am a native Kentuckian. Yes, I wear shoes. No, I do not plan on marrying any 
of my cousins. (Just thought I'd clarify.) When I'm not on my computer or at the 
piano, I am most likely at school. Why? Because I HAVE to be. 
As far as my interests go, I (obviously) like Tori Amos, Nine Inch Nails, and
David Bowie very (exceedingly?) much. All I can say for myself is, when someone
reaches you, they reach you. No matter how or why. You can't help it. These
just happen to be the people I admire most. 
I love any form of music--musicals, plays--I sing, I draw...Mostly, I'm an artsy 
kind of person. Not a big sports fan. In fact, I'd rather give up all of my Tori 
CD's than wear a Nike ANYTHING! Well...that may be a little *too* drastic...Anyway, 
I feel very strongly the whole name brands thing. I also feel very strongly about 
rape. I have not, fortunately, experienced it, but it still haunts my mind. An 
She was in her early 20's when, after a late performance at a club, a man whom she
thought was a friend asked for a ride home. She permissed, and he proceeded to hold
a gun to her head, rape her, and threaten to kill her. And this was all FOR NO REASON.
I have a link to R.A.I.N.N.--the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network. This is a
nation-wide organization, co-founded by Tori, to aid the victims of violent crimes. 
Their phone number is 1-800-656-HOPE. In the future, I hope to volunteer.

As for the distant future--
I WILL be a singer/songwriter...or a psycologist.

To end this, let me grace you with the words of Tori...

"Time to be a ghost."


Where to go from here?

Home Sweet Home: Hey, home is where the heart is...Have you no heart?!
R.A.I.N.N.: If you or someone you know needs help--it's in your hands. To get help or to volunteer--it's only a mouse click away...