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Pieces of me

Pieces of me...

Hallo and welcome. Instead of just re-doing the page about myself, I decided to add a bit about the people who are kind enough to put up with me. I've decided to put them in the order in which I met them [or befriended them], so there will be no consternation over who's ahead of whom. I *HATE* that. Mind you, when high school started I met some people in groups, so the order may not be perfect but... you'll never know, will you?

Okay. First off, there's me. No pic yet, but I have one that I do want to scan.
Well, what can I say? Just by coming to this page you've learned quite a lot about my interests: Tori, Bowie, NIN, Tori, Phantom, Tori... :) But, a few things you might not know are:
* I play the piano (Tori and classical, with a dash of Broadway)
* I am the youngest of 5 girls
* I am a Gemini
* I am a "midwest farmer's daughter", as stated by the Beach Boys
* I am a theater, musical theater, music, art, and movie nut
* My goal in life is to be famous :)
I know this stuff's pretty trivial, but hey.... this is just a webpage. I feel no obligation to people who I'll probably never actually talk to. If you really want to talk to me, email me or ICQ me at 11776137. I also frequent IRC under one of these nicks:
* LttlWondr
* six58
* Kalandra
* `Fayth`
* `SpArK`
* {Siren}
* ....or my new one: Alena
Feel free to start up a conversation with me. It could be very interesting, and I love to talk. Okay. Enough about me.

My Friends:

Kelly Mike Eric Bryan Brian Megan Julia Carrie Stacia Sara Joia Beth Brian Katie Jesse Brendan Jonathan


I first met Kelly in 2nd. grade, and we've pretty much been friends ever since. We've had our rough times, but... hey, that's grade school for ya. She's a sports nut-- loves track and cross country. We've had crazy, crazy times together, i.e. riding that ride at Oktoberfest again and again and again and again... until our necks were too stiff to hold up. And then there were those books we bought out at the mall together... *ahem*. Anyway, I love her dearly, even though she owns my dream car (well, almost). :) Good luck at VMA!


My first memory of Mike is when he broke both of his arms on a field trip after jumping (falling, perhaps) off of a swing. I will never forget that for as long as I live (Sorry, Mike). Since I've known him, he's always been the kind of guy who can do anything and everything humanly possible. Some day, I'll ask him to recite the Gettysburg Address while walking across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope and balancing spinning plates on sticks on a commercial break during X-Files, and I bet he'll do it. Well, maybe not. He's an accomplished diver (kudos) and one of the coolest people I know, though we don't talk much anymore [don't ask ME why not].


Eric! Broccoli! Stompy! I have many, many fond memories from back as far as fourth grade when we would talk about.. well, probably really stupid things, it being 4th grade and all. And, of course, the infamous frog dissection program in 7th grade with the prrrrrrrrrrrrrobe that wouldn't work. I'm quite glad we've gotten to know eachother over the past years, because I value you quite highly as a friend. You can ALWAYS make me laugh. :) And someday.. SOMEDAY.. we will find our life companions. We have to invite eachother to our weddings to prove that YES! it CAN happen to us!


Bryan in insane. He is a total crackup and a great guy who kicks his butt when he runs. We had a lot of interesting conversations this year, and Lord knows WHAT he thinks of me now... Oh well. As with Mike, he seems to have mysteriously disappeared or seomthing, because I never see him anymore either. Well, I know that's not true; he DIDN'T disappear, but either way, I certainly miss him.


[Note: I know a lot of Brians.] Ahh, Brian. You are so incredibly talented, you Alice in Chains freak. You're an excellent guitarist, and an even better artist. I'm quite jealous. :о Just kiddin'. Keep it up, boy, or I'll kill you. And call me when you've sold millions of dollars worth of your art. :) This is what will happen, because I can see into the future.


Oh, JEEZ. Where do I begin?? "Listen to my words as I speak of rivers/some may be shallow and some may be deeper and deeper/and deeper my brother..." Wow. I've been friends with Megan since 6th grade, I *think*. We went through seom MAJOR crap in 7th grade, but... forgive and forget. We have had the most INSANE times together. I don't think we can carry on a conversation without laughing about something from our past. I hope that one day we will be touched by God and remember who "Noyreg" is/was. Well, always remember I'm here for ya, as I always have been, when things get icky. I'll leave you with a question: Baby, can ya stroke? :D


Greetings. I first really met Julia in 7th grade, as in that's the year we became friends. She's partially responsible for the most fun time of my life, the summer of 7th grade. Neither one of us knows exactly WHY these three months were so magical, but we had the times of our lives (I think). We just can't seem to help liking the same guys (Chris...Trent.. and then one other I won't even bother to mention), among other things. Heh. Curse or blessing? I'm not quite sure... I don't know what the deal has been, but.. like I keep saying, Life's too short. Thankfully, all is well now (I think..?) and we can continue the tradition of being idiots when we're together.


THIS is going to be difficult. What can I say about the co-writer of our screenplay?? Only good things, cuz Carrie-- you kick ass. I don't know how we became friends, but I'm sure glad we did, or our lives would just be too boring. Carrie introduced me to the X-Files (wonder of wonders) and also to the world-renowned (yeah, right) t.v. show Two. "I didn't kill my wife..." We know, Gus. We know. We've had many happy times together, poking fun at Michael Flatley, dreaming up the parties we're going to have when we're famous, and realizing that we are both completely insane. I wish you luck in all your future endeavors, because you deserve all the accolades you'll recieve. BBWY! 'Nene power!!:)


Stacia is God. No, really-- she is. Or at least she THINKS she is (juuuuuuuust kidding, Stace). She is sooo devout, and I admire her for that. Kind of paradoxically, she's the most brutish person on earth. In fact, she's downright VIOLENT. On the flipside, she is probably the most sensitive person I know [I apologize for making you cry that one time]. Stace is a great person and a wonderful friend. We've just really become close this past year, but that means we still have a lot of fun fun times ahead of us, which I look forward to. By the way-- I'm not a buffalo!


Sara, my darling daughter! [inside joke, people. Inside joke.] I love you to bits. Sara is so intelligent and so talented and so much fun!! The world has never seen a better Louisa! Honest. Sara is probably the most spiritual person I know, and I could just talk with her forever and ever about...well, stuff in general. REMEMBER: you are NOT a bastard.


Welll... this will be interesting, if you know us. Joia, what can I say? We had our extreme falling out, but ya know what? I just don't care anymore. "Life's too short", as I've said a bazillion times recently. I'm completely willing to just get on with my life, since all really is said and done. I know all won't be immediately restored to normalcy, but that can be what J-class is for. I say we put that whole thing in the back of out minds-- forget about the past and work on the future.


Hey there! I can see your ears for the first time ever, I think. [She just chopped off all of her hair.] I'm quite glad you and I have cleared the air. You're definitely unique, and I mean that with utmost respect. *sigh* I would love to say that one day you and I will fulfill our dreams and meet (and, well... get to know) Trent. He surely is a pleasure to look at, ain't he? Heh. I'll work on my stories, you work on yours, and then we'll swap, okay? :D I hope all goes well in your Buddhist quest.

BRIAN (the other one)

Hallo, left nut. This little sophomore [Kidding! Kidding!!] is one in a million. Hacker extraordinaire, singer [so we hear]... he never ceases to amaze me, as well as crak me up. I could just squeeze him to pieces, that crazy guy. Brian: You're the sweetest man I know, though I think you have a fear of contact (well, not from ALL of us....). And David Bowie is NOT GAY.. well, not anymore... I don't think... Hmm. He rocks and you know it. Thanks for always cheering me up when I've been bummed. [He's very good at that.] Niplet.


Would you like some tohhhwsht?? Of course! Katie is one of those people you know you wanna be with when you're hyper. She never stops. It's really quite interesting to observe her. Her metabolism must be in overdrive 24 hours a day. I've never known anyone so happy (if not, then I've never known anyone who can fake it that well). Once you get used to her insanity, she's just a ball of fun and a wonderful person to have around. And Katie-- I hope you'll help me in my quest to kill Ranger Dork.


I demand to know the truth-- did you plant that ring or NOT? I bet you did... Jesse is Megan's boyfriend, and I haven't known him that long at all. But from what I know so far, he is a sweetheart, a comedian [well, he *thinks* so], and a crazy driver. And those are his GOOD points. His only good points. Hahaha. No no no... Jesse is wonderful person, and Megan is quite lucky to have such a great guy. I wish you luck in the Navy. Be all you can be. Wait, wrong motto.. oh well. Do it anyway! :)


Brendan....*grin* I don't recall exactly when or how we met, but you certainly have made IRC and ICQ... uh.. *interesting* for me. :) I'll get that pic to you someday soon, I *promise*! And because of you, I will forever hold curly fries in a special place in my heart. I'll see to it that someday you can cook me one of your imfamous candlelit dinners. :) Now if I coud just get my hands on some dynamite...


Well now, let's see... I haven't known Jonathan that long, but I can already tell he's just one of the sweetest guys out there. Who knows? Perhaps we'll run into eachother down at good ol' NKU or in that oppressive art class. :) Good luck with the HTML, and by the way: You are not a rock.

Well, there you have it, folks. Please excuse the awkward syntax, but it's kind of cumbersome. And I feel like I just wrote the longest yearbook entry the world has ever known. :о Oh well. If I've forgotten about anyone, they obviously are useless. Nah, just kidding. If I *have*, I apologize. Simply let me know.