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I*N*V*E*N*T*O*R*I <head><h1>My Inventori</h1>

OKay. Here's my list of Tori stuff. Take this info and do with it what you will.


*Little Earthquakes
*Silent All These Years (RAINN promo)
*Crucify (American Maxi single)
*Winter (Limited Ed. single)
*Under the Pink
*God (US single)
*Cornflake Girl (US single)
*Boys for Pele
*Professional Widow (US single)
*Professional Widow [It's Gotta Be Big] (German single)
*Caught A Lite Sneeze (US single)
*Talula #1
*Talula #2
*Talula #3
*In the Springtime of his Voodoo
*From the Choirgirl Hotel
*Spark #1 (US)
*Spark #2 (US)
*Spark #1 (UK)
*Spark #2 (UK)
*Jackie's Strength (Enhanced CD)
*Raspberry Swirl (German single)


*Little Rarites
*Unplugged Girl
*Purple Rose (2 disc set)
*Y Kant Tori Read (and Other Rarites)
*** Ultra Rare Tori, Unplugged in Cincinnati, and Under the Covers coming soon! ***


*VH1 Crossroads (Enhanced CD w/Tori video)
*Great Expectations
*Higher Learning


*Star Profile
*Interview CD w/picture Disc
*In Conversation

Music Folios

*Little Earthquakes
*Under the Pink
*The Bee Sides
*Boys For Pele
*From the Choirgirl Hotel (coming soon)

Video tapes

*Little Earthquakes
*Live in New York
*T.V. appearences, etc.


*All These Years: The Authorized Biography


*TONS of articles, dating back to 1992
*2 posters: one from BFP, the other from UTP
*A Tori postcard

Now... aren't YOU the enlightened one? :)