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Interesting picture, eh? I don't quite get it, but... With pics of Trent, I don't usually wonder about the asthetics.


Okay, okay... I did it. I finally made my Nine Inch Nails page. I couldn't resist the power of Trent. What I have (or *will* have shortly) on my page includes:

Mailing lists to keep ya up-to-date

Pictures of Trent/NIN

Lyrics to all NIN's songs

NEW!Like Trent? Like Tori? Think they make a great pair? Come to my Tori and Trent page. :)

I have a question. Why isn't there any Trent fanfic?! For God's sake, Michael Flatley has fanfic!! I KNOW there're people out there like me! Are we all too shy to post it or make it known to the world? Perhaps. Well then, dammit, e-mail me and we can pass it about in private. :) If you think you're the only person, you're not: my friend and I used to sit out on her porch swing and talk these things out. So... be bold!

Alright, I only have two things here now. But, for the obsessor such as I, they're vital. I mean, I could exist on these two thigs alone. What are they? Pictures, of course!! The first one is, in my opinion, the


. The second is yummy as well... EnJoY!

Is this not the epitome of cute??

CHECK THIS OUT!! Isn't he precious??

Trent, in the Mercer H.S. Band.

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