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I Bid You Welcome: Phantom Role Play Sign-Up Page

Hallo. Anyone who is interested in my Phantom Role Playing game, please highlight the following lines (beginning after the* !* and ending at the second *!*), copy them (cntrl+c), and paste them (cntrl+v) into an email and send it to me. After I have attained some semblance of a cast list, I will ask those involved to sign my CastBook (just another guestbook) with a brief summary of your character. I'll edit the HTML so that instead of it asking your name, email addy, and the like, it'll ask your character name and other statistics. Since this *is* my own site, I will be playing the role of Erik (perhaps Christine, if someone else gives me good enough reason that they should be Erik). The rules of play can be found on this page. REMEMBER: I have the right and the ability to discontinue anyone's participation if I find need! Abide by the rules... that's all I ask of you. :)


POTO RolePlay Info

1.) YOUR first name:
2.) Email address:
3.) Desired character (first choice):
4.) Alternate choice:
5.) Description of your character (i.e.looks, personality, etc.):
6.) Character's weakness(es):
7.) Any extra info you'd like to add:

I will read your submission and get back to you. When the principal characters are all taken, I will add a line on this page saying so. THANK YOU for your participation!! :)