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50 Suckiest People on Earth

(not quite)50 People Who Suck and the Reasons They Should Be Deported

Okay, we all know it's not a perfect world... Here's a list of 50 of the people who (in my own opinon) make it so. WARNING: I will not be held responsible for your feelings. If you think I'm a buttmunch for putting any certain person on here, that's your problem. These are merely my own opinions!!

High-Falutin' Pansy Numero Uno:
1.) Michael Flatley, a.ka. "Lord of the Dance"
To quote The Daily Show, he's the "schmuck of the Irish". Anyone who fakes an Irish accent and is this freaking egotistical should be dragged out and shot. I mean, the man *IS* an extraordinary dancer, granted. But needs to learn of something we "mortals" call HUMILITY!
2.) Leonardo DiCaprio
I don't know why I'm even wasting my time typing all of this. The guy's a moron!! Alright, I do think he's kinda attractive, but that is the only thing he has going for him.
3.) Scary Spice
She's a Spice Girl.
4.) Sporty Spice
She's a Spice Girl.
5.) Baby Spice
She's a Spice Girl.
6.) Posh Spice
She's a Spice Girl.
7.) Ginger Spice
She's a Spice Girl (though I *do* give her credit for leaving).
8.) Taylor Hanson
He's a Hanson.
9.) Isaac Hanson
He's a Hanson.
10.) Zac Hanson
He's a Hanson.
11.) Puff Daddy
I'm sorry, but I just do NOT care for this individual.
12.) "the Family" See above and pluralize it.
13.) A certain person at my school who cannot see
If she's reading this.. Oh, wait-- SHE'S BLIND. Well, not really... She could get glasses and see fine if she could just get over herself.

Okay okay okay... It's only 13. Well, I lost the Master Sheet that my friend and I made. I'll rummage through my room and get back to work.

Anyone I've left out? Tell me. Thanks for stoppin' by. Be sure to check back. Ya never know who's gonna pop up. :)