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POTO Role Playing Game: Rules and Regs

Okay... here's the list of things I need you all to adhere to. Any problems contact me.

Basic Rules
I shall leave most of the storyline up to you, allow your creative juices to flow and what-not, but order must be kept:
1.) The general plotline of Phantom of the Opera must be kept. Obviously, things will deviate from the actual stories or play, but keep it realistic, please.
2.) Only Erik and Christine will be allowed below the Opera house, unless confirmed by me, and Christine may only go down if lead by Erik. *Remember: No one dared to go down there.*
3.) PLEASE! No overthrowing or killing characters!! The dumbest thing in the WORLD in RP is, "[Char] kills [char]." I mean, PLEASE.
4.) Please keep all entries IN CHARACTER!

Okay... that's all I can come up with at this moment. We'll give it a whirl, and I'll keep you all aware of any changes.