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The Rape, Abuse, Inscest National Network: A sanctuary to the violated founded in part by Tori herself. You can get help for yourself or others, or just volunteer
Coolness Incarnate.. a.k.a David Bowie
A Dent in the Tori Amos Net Universe: Great Tori site with lots of up-to-date info, new album watch, etc.
My Phantom page, of which I'm quite proud

TORI AMOS--A humble altar to the Goddess

It has happened--you have arrived at my Tori Amos page. She is my all-time favorite musician. Mere words cannot describe the feeling I get when I listen to her pounding out "Precious Things" or serenading me with "Hey Jupiter". Her emotional words, her inimitable talent, her soothing voice...I know. It sounds like I'm in love with her. And in a musical sense, I am. On this humble site, you will find lyrics, pictures, sound clips, links, my own little Tori discography (ever growing)....all the usual items you would find at any other obsessive computer nerd's page. If I can convince you, by means of this site, to listen to her--REALLY listen--and to perhaps even purchase a record of hers, I have done my job in spreading the gospel according to Tori.

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