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Hey, Jupiter * Nothing's been the same * So are you gay? * Are you blue? * Thought we both could use a friend to run to...

Welcome to my (second) altar to Tori Amos, the Goddess of Music. I have since learned more HTML, so this page should actually be worth your time. :) Sooner of later, I'll have my own Tori collection up, pics, links, and other fun stuff. So please be patient.

Tori in my Life

Tori Amos, her music, and her wisdom has touched me in ways I'd never thought possible. She makes me feel guilty, then absolved. And I know that I'll never have to kick anyone's butt, because she kinda does it for me. My dad can say all he wants about her, as can anyone else for that matter, but she will always be my greatest musical love. Her talent is undeniable and her lyrics haunt me still, though I could recite any song forwards and backwards. Among my friends, I am the resident Number One ToriPhile, and have been for two (almost three) years. I first heard her music at a retreat in eighth grade ("Crucify"), and since then I've been a dedicated Ear With Feet. Now that I've told you my ToriStory, please continue down the page. :)

Click on floating Tori to see my Inventori.


Heyyyy, people!!

Okay.. We all know Tori and Trent Reznor collaborated and stuff, but.. There are SO many similarites between them! Look at these pictures:

This is only ONE similarity. Others can be found on my Tori and Trent page.

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